1. this is your song
  2. short story
  3. focus group *
  4. the shelter project *
  5. the shirt off your back *
  6. we're fans *
  7. bang on it *
  8. cave paintings *
  9. i think you can take it *
  10. a fairly light lament
  11. billboard
  12. balance
  13. simulations
  14. cash machine
  15. profit
  16. 010
  17. little big stuff
  18. unmade in america
  19. to each his own
  20. unbrand drawing paper
  21. what he meant to say
  22. typewriter
  23. ream
Cave Paintings
a collaborative project with Marnie Bettridge, Chalet Comellas, Jay Corrales, Tyler Dearing, Heidi Haire, Christina Poindexter, and Echo Railton

An adventure in the north Florida landscape was the source of video footage projected on the gallery walls. Throughout the night, the gallery visitors in turn became the subject as we recorded their shadows on the wall, interjecting their action over the moving images, and leaving a permanent trace of temporary presence in frenetic grey and black ink.